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Pinnacle Freelance will help you to increase your earnings as you can set your own salary to maximize the benefits and minimize tax payments

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Choosing Pinnacle Freelance

Imagine keeping more of your hard earned money to yourself.
Is this possible? Yes!
Is there a catch? No there isnít one.
If you are on temporary contractual work, how can you inject more money into your bank?

In line with new legislation as from April 2007 and market trends Pinnacle Freelance Services have two products available for the temporary worker, to maximise their pay. Both products are fully compliant under new legislation but vary immensely in its administration process and the overall net income to the worker.

PFS Umbrella Company

Personal Service Company (PSC)

This is ideal for all professionals in any form of contract work.

PFS will have a contract with the agency and an employment contract with the temporary worker.

In effect PFS will become the employer and process the payroll with PAYE and National Insurance fully deducted. Read More

The simplest, safest and most beneficial process of being paid is by owning your own limited company. [Read: Frequently Asked Questions]

As a Director and shareholder you will be in control over your money and will be the main signatory of your new business bank account. You can set your own salary to maximise the benefits and minimise tax payments. Read More

Personal Service Company

If you are working as a contractor, you can earn more by being paid by your own LIMITED COMPANY as a Director and shareholder.

All appropriate deductions (tax, NI contributions, etc) will be made before you get paid. Read: Frequently Asked Questions

Reduce your tax!

You can decrease your tax outgoings by claiming business related expenses

inland revenue

Find out more about tax law relating to expenses payments and benefits received by DIRECTORS

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