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Personal Service Company

If you are a temporary worker, how you can inject more money into your bank?

By setting up a Personal Service Company (PSC) with Pinnacle Freelance Services Ltd. The simplest, safest and most beneficial process of being paid is by owning your own limited company. As a Director and shareholder you will be in control over your money and will be the main signatory of your new business bank account. You can set your own salary to maximise the benefits and minimise tax payments.

Benefits of operating a Personal Service Company:

Independent Company Agent will form & register your new limited company Paperless and seamless service

IR35 opt out
You control opening a limited company bank account
We file, as per your instructions, all Tax and statutory matters related to your company
You have control over your moneyIndividual tax planning
Maximum income - choice of salary and dividendsCompany accounts filed at Companies House - bu Chartered Accountants
Choose your own salary week to week£50 one off fee to set up your limited company

Personal Service Company Overview

In addition to yourself, you will have more choices as to who you decide to nominate as shareholders of your company.

We will act as your duly authorised accountants in the conduct of your limited company's taxation and all relevant Government statutory bodies. The funds in your company will be totally under your control subject to the matters that Pinnacle Freelance Services Ltd has referred to in their capacity as accountants.

The Director can nominate the Company Secretary.

We will help you open a company bank account and ensure you receive your monies promptly. You can claim tax relief on your business expenses. We will inform your agency regarding the new company formation.


Earn more money!
Introduce a friend to us and if they use our services, we shall reimburse £25.00 to you

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