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Less tax pay out

Claim business related expenses to decrease your tax outgoings


Umbrella Company

Setting up an Umbrella Company

Imagine keeping more of your hard earned money to yourself.
Is this possible? Yes!
Is there a catch? No there isnít one.

If you are on temporary contractual work, you can inject more money into your bank through an umbrella company.

This is a perfect solution for those who want a simple, painless and the least administrative method of payment. There is no red tape attached and one can sleep well at night. The overall net pay is maximised by tax relief on the expenses submitted.

We charge a flat fee of £12 per invoice, after tax relief it will only cost the worker net £7 per invoice.


:: A complete PAYE payroll service
:: Net pay increase compared to the traditional PAYE process

:: Processing the payroll is simple, hassle free and easily managed
:: Easy to register in seconds - phone or e mail
:: Best possible remuneration and least possible administration
:: No Joining Fee, Leaving fees or Accounting fees
:: Proactive approach to expenses approved by HM Revenue and Customs
:: No worries regarding IR35 or any other tax avoidance schemes
:: Prompt payments to your personal account Ideal for all professional backgrounds
:: No responsibilities, No liabilities - Allows you to sleep at night

Benefits to the Worker

:: Immediately start work
:: Payslips processed daily Work for multiple agencies but have one payroll contact
:: All Statutory benefits Ė holiday, sickness, maternal/paternity
:: Maximum pay for minimum work
:: No Annual tax returns to file
:: Seamless and paperless payroll system
:: Expenses offset against income - Maximises pay packet
:: Benefits similar to a limited company without any responsibilities
:: PFS has a comprehensive Insurance policy for both Public Liability and Employers Liability

Administration of Umbrella Company

:: No fuss, immediate registration
:: We will have a contract with the Agency
:: We will have an Employment Contract with the temporary worker
:: Pinnacle Freelance Service will effectively become an Employer
:: Confirm your hours of work - by e mail, fax or phone
:: Invoice will be generated and issued to your agency
:: On receipt of Cleared funds from the agency
:: Payment on same day via BACS transfer (via CHAPS can be arranged)
:: Payslips e-mailed simultaneously
:: Payment choice - weekly, fortnightly, monthly
:: The agency will receive statutory details of the Umbrella Company - PFS Ltd
:: We will pay and submit month and year end statutory returns to Inland Revenue


:: This has to be exclusively related to the duties of your allocated assignment
:: You must comply with the rules of Inland Revenue when claiming expenses.
:: Download the Expense Claim Forms from the website
:: Attach expense receipts and post it to us on weekly basis

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Address: 445 Kenton Road, Harrow HA3 0XY

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Introduce a friend to us and if they use our services, we shall reimburse £25.00 to you

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