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Find out more about IR35 by clicking www.hmrc.gov.uk/ir35/
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Register a Limited Company at Company House for the temporary worker, nominated as the Director

Open a new Company Bank Account for the temporary worker, which they will control
Act as duly Authorised Accontants in the conduct of the temporary workers limited company's taxation and administrative matters.
We will deal with all Government statutory bodies on behalf of the temporary workers and ensure that regulations in relation to same are dealt with
Pinnacle Freelance (PF) will act as Company Secretary to each of the new Limited Companies, thus taking responsibility for all statutory matters of the company as and when these need to be executed
Temporary workers will control their own finances - decide their own salary and dividends
Maximise workers income and workers can nominate their shareholders
Our system will be paperless - for temporary workers and Agencies
Advise the temporary workers on personal financial, tax and pension situations
We will invoice the Agency on behalf of the temporary worker (Company Director). The agency will pay the limited company directly
Payments for temporary workers will be executed on daily basis


Personal Service Company

If you are working as a contractor, you can earn more by being paid by your own LIMITED COMPANY as a Director and shareholder.

All appropriate deductions (tax, NI contributions, etc) will be made before you get paid.

Reduce your tax!

You can decrease your tax outgoings by claiming business related expenses

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